Mixed Liquor Vacuum Degassing (MLVD)

Glan Agua integrated Mixed Liquor Vacuum Degassing (MLVD) technology into its groundbreaking design for the Cavan WWTP Upgrade Project. The MLVD technology is an innovative patented process, which conditions the activated sludge and makes wastewater treatment process easy to control and operate. The MLVD Process changes properties of activated sludge, facilitating higher performance characteristics of the wastewater treatment system and reducing the overall size of the plant.

This technology has been utilised on over 40 WWTPs worldwide but Glan Agua were the first to bring this process to Ireland and UK for the groundbreaking Cavan WWTP.


  • Inlet works capable of treating 780 l/s flow
  • Anaerobic treatment
  • 4 no. indepedent biological reactors Anoxic/Oxic reactors
  • Secondary aeration bioreactor
  • 3no. final clarifiers
  • Final effluent re-aeration
  • Mixed Liquor Vacuum Degassing


  • Increase in biological and hydraulic capacity
  • Increase in total nitrogen removal up to 60%
  • Improved biological phosphorus removal
  • Up to 100% of ammonia removal
  • Reduced Capex (reduced footprint, off-site fabrication, no need for Tertiary treatment)
  • Reduced opex
Mixed Liquor Vacuum Degassing (MLVD)
Mixed Liquor Vacuum Degassing (MLVD)
Mixed Liquor Vacuum Degassing (MLVD)

Building information modeling (BIM)

Glan Agua is fully committed to the use of BIM for it's design and future operations management. BIM is becoming increasingy important in the water/wastewater sector and Glan Agua are at the forefront when it comes to this innovative capability.


  • 3D design capability
  • Clash detection
  • Design "walk-though", project sequencing, operations management


  • Better designs through collaboration
  • Reduced safety risk
  • Faster project delivery
  • Improved whole life cost management
Building information modeling (BIM)
Building information modeling (BIM)

Off-Site Fabrication

Glan Agua has encorporated off-site fabrication/manufacturing methods into a number of project designs in order to reduce cost and schedule for our clients.


  • Pre-fabricated tanks
  • Portal-frame buildings
  • Packaged treatment plants
  • Substations


  • Lower Capex, reduced construction time, less health & safety risk, increased quality
  • More sustainable (less waste, pollution, noise, on-site vehicle movement)
Off-Site Fabrication
Off-Site Fabrication

UVA/UVT Monitored coagulant dosing

Glan Agua has developed a system designed to be easily retrofitted to existing dosing systems in treatment plants experiencing problems of organic carbon breakthrough.


  • UVA monitor
  • Turbidity monitor
  • Control PLC
  • HMI screen


  • Effective removal of organics
  • Reduces risks of THMs
  • Less chemical wasteage
  • Easily retrofitted to existing dosing systems
UVA/UVT Monitored coagulant dosing



ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
ISO 5001