Safe drinking water in Donegal as three water supplies are removed from the EPA’s Remedial Action List

Almost 30,000 water consumers in Donegal received good news this week following the removal of three water supplies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from their Remedial Action List (RAL). The latest report from the EPA shows that Irish Water has reduced the number of schemes on the RAL in Donegal from 12 to one since 2015.
The RAL identifies drinking water supplies that are ‘at risk’ of failing to consistently supply safe, clean drinking water. The Greencastle, Letterkenny and Milford-Letterkenny water supplies were given the thumbs up by the EPA following extensive investment and upgrade works by Irish Water working in partnership with Donegal County Council.

This includes the Letterkenny Regional Water Supply Scheme awarded to Glan Agua Ltd. in mid-2017. It was developed with the purpose of providing a supply of treated water to the greater Letterkenny area of North Donegal, including the towns of Letterkenny, Kilmacrenan, Creeslough and Termon.

The contract consisted of the Design, Build and Operation of a new water treatment plant at Goldrum serving the Letterkenny region (9,450 m3/d), a new water treatment plant at Creeslough (2,500 m3/d), new raw water rising mains, connection to existing raw water and treated water mains, and other associated Works.

The reason for the upgrades of both facilities was that the existing facilities did provide an adequate barrier for Cryptosporidium removal and elevated THM’s above the standard in the Drinking Water Regulations were listed on the EPA's RAL with the heading of inadequate treatment for Cryptosporidium.

Letterkenny WTP

The process train comprises of conventional flocculation and coagulation, followed by dissolved air flotation, polishing gravity filtration, UV Disinfection and chemical treatment. UV disinfection provides a 6-log reduction for Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Please find below link to the Irish Water Website which confirms safe drinking water in Donegal:

Since entering supply on the 27/08/2019, approx. 250,000 m3 of treated water has been produced for consumption. This continues the successful delivery of Projects by Glan Agua Ltd. for Irish Water. 



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