Glan Agua's O&M Team Ensure Zero Interruption During Storm Ellen

Glan Agua’s O&M team safely battled Storm Ellen recently, successfully dealing with widespread power outages and treating very poor quality raw water following the inclement weather. 

Our O&M WTPs in Tipperary, Galway and Roscommon bore the worst of Storm Ellen. Widespread mains power outages resulted in our onsite generators powering WTPs without interruption, and late night deployment of our mobile generators by the O&M Team to critical sites following careful risk analysis. In one particular WTP in Co Roscommon, we had 3 mobile generators providing power to the Intake Works, WTP and Offsite Reservoir Booster Pumps, maintaining supply during the long outage without interruption for our customers.

Storm Ellen also brought heavy rain and winds into the equation, resulting in trees blocking access and a sudden reduction in Raw Water Quality for the WTPs to treat. The robust Dissolved Air Floatation process design incorporated into the design, build and operation of the water treatment plant design ensured that our operators could maintain production of safe water at all times during the storm event. The video of the intake water shows the nature of the task, with the flashy conditions continuing for over a week. A combination of automatic process changes and many late night manual interventions by the WTP Operators and Glan Agua Process Team, the WTP performed impeccably producing quality Final Water for our customers.

The graphs from our SCADA system show:
- a Raw Water UVT drop from 68% to 13% over a 4 hour period
- The Treated Water UVT maintaining an average 91% during this period
- Treated Water Turbidity well less than 0.1 NTU during this period
- Final Water chlorine residual remaining stable @ ~1.0mg/l



ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
ISO 5001