Glan Agua Awarded 2 Lots on the Irish Water Acoustic Logging Trial Project

Fantastic news for Glan Agua as they have been awarded 2 lots on Irish Water’s Acoustic Logging Trial Project. Irish Water are undertaking a research project that seeks a transformational change in how they address high leakage levels using a more efficient and effective approach than current practices. According to Irish Water, 42% of Ireland’s drinking water is lost to leaks before it reaches our taps, however, we are on course to achieve a national leakage rate of 38% by 2021. More information on the National Leakage Reduction Programme can be found here:

Glan Agua have been awarded Lot 1 and Lot 3 of the framework, and look forward to bringing their own experience in this area along with their supply chain, to determine the benefits of using acoustic logging technology. The anticipated benefits include:

- Reducing leakage more efficiently.
- Reducing interruptions.
- Increasing the productivity of the leak detection team.

Glan Agua and its supply chain are keen to continue to engage in a collaborative way with Irish Water on this innovative framework which is due to commence in 2021.



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