Glan Agua successfully complete the 30,000PE Cavan WWTP project

On the 11th of September 2015, Glan Agua Ltd successfully completed the 30,000PE Cavan Sewerage Scheme Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade project six weeks ahead of the programme deadline.

The value of the contract is circa 10 million Euro and the project consisted of the design, supply, construction, installation and commissioning of an upgraded wastewater treatment plant to accommodate design capacity increase from 22,000 PE as well as the changes to the Effluent Discharge License and to accommodate hydraulic increase requirements due to the recent underground infrastructure refurbishment of Cavan Town and environs. To achieve the new stringent effluent standard imposed in Dec. 2014, Glan Agua have designed an innovative biological nutrient removal (BNR) plant with anaerobic zone, four dedicated biological reactors lines and secondary deep nitrification reactor, followed by 3 no. horizontal deep sludge bed clarifiers and re-oxygenation unit and   incorporating Mixed Liquor Vacuum Degassing (MLVD) system.
The layout of the plant has also incorporated the ability for future expansion to 54,000 p.e (phase 2) and upgrade of the sludge treatment stream (phase 3) should the need arise.

The MLVD technology incorporated into the design is an innovative patented process, which conditions the activated sludge and makes wastewater treatment process easy to control and operate.  The MLVD Process changes properties of activated sludge, facilitating higher performance characteristics of the wastewater treatment system and reducing the overall size of the plant.
This degassing technology is well proven during many years of research and development and has been fully verified with undisputable plant performances.  Although this technology has been utilised on over 40 WWTPs worldwide, Cavan WWTP is the first and hence unique to treatment plants in Republic of Ireland and UK.

The design of the newly-upgraded treatment plant incorporates aspects of ergonomics, efficiency and sustainability in all aspects of the operations and maintenance of the entire works, thus delivering a long term and cost-efficient solution for Cavan town and its environs.

The Cavan Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade project has been successfully delivered ahead of time and has been fully transferred to the Operation and Maintenance Stage. 

The project duration of design and stage was 85 weeks and has been delivered ahead of schedule. It entitled 95,000 man hours accident free and incorporated the removal of approximately 40,000 metric tonnes of rock, pouring of 9,000 tonnes of concrete and use of 700 tonnes of reinforcing steel as well as provision and installation of a range of specialised mechanical and electrical equipment and components sourced in Ireland and across Europe.

The final product has delivered a treatment plant with a performance far in excess of the capabilities of the previous infrastructure and provides a sustainable wastewater treatment solution safeguarding the quality of the environment and water resources in Cavan. 



ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
ISO 5001