Glan Agua are awarded the Mayo DBO Bundle 1A.

Glan Agua Ltd were awarded the contract for the design and construction of improvements and upgrades to, and the operation and maintenance (for a fifteen year period) of thirteen existing Group Water Scheme (GWS) water treatment plants in County Mayo, namely:

  1. Ballycroy GWS
  2. Lough Carra GWS
  3. Belderrig GWS
  4. Brackloon / Spaddagh Agricultural Co-Operative Society
  5. Drummin GWS
  6. Fahy GWS
  7. Glencorrib GWS
  8. Glenhest GWS
  9. Kilmeena GWS
  10. Lough Cunnel GWS
  11. Kilmovee/Urlaur GWS
  12. Loughta GWS
  13. Lough Mask / Creevagh GWS
The extent of the upgrades varies throughout the 13 Group Water Schemes and involves significant design, construction and commissioning works on 8 of the WTPs and minor upgrades to the remaining 5 WTPs. The plants requiring significant works involve the design, construction and commissioning of new dissolved air flotation (DAF) plants, AC Clarifier plants, disinfection equipment and UV reactors. The plants vary in size from approximately 80m³/d to 2,100m³/d.

Following completion of the design and build works Glan Agua Ltd will operate the facilities for a period of 15 years.



ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
ISO 5001