Kerry CRWSS Works Update May 17

Glan Agua/MEIC are making incredible progress on the Kerry CRWSS project and are advancing construction works in line with the contract programme.

Despite the challenges facing the contractor on a project of this nature together with the location of the works (adjacent to both the main drinking water source and a protected habitat), GA/MEIC are achieving all contractual milestones and endeavour to deliver a quality project on time.

To-date the following Reinforced Concrete works have been completed

  • 5,400,000 Litre Raw Water In situ Tank
  • 6x Flocculation Tanks
  • 6 x Dissolved Air Floatation Tanks
  • 8 x Sand Filters • UV Disinfection Station (Sub terrain)
  • Sludge Holding Tank (Precast)
  • Picket Fence Thickener (Precast)
  • Sludge De-watering Building

Works have also now commenced on the sub terrain 10,800,000 litre Clear Water tank which will be completed over the coming months.

Progression of works over the last few months has involved the following material management:

  • 800 tonnes of rebar
  • 15,000 m3 concrete
  • 28,000 tonne Imported Aggregate
  • 45,000 m3 of Material Excavation

Drainage and Pipework in line with construction requirements have also progressed significantly and a range of concrete/Ductile Iron pipework has been completed ranging up to 1,200mm in diameter. Works will now advance in relation to the installation of a replacement gravity main extending a distance of 1.7km from the main site to provide a sustainable source supply to the project once completed. The project has now entered the M&E fit out phase whereby the following installations are now making significant advances and continue to surpass delivery requirements.

Specific works carried out at and/or complete at this time include:

  • 2 x Sludge De-watering Press Units – Installed
  • Picket Fence Thickener and Sludge Tank Mechanical fit-out – Complete
  • Sludge Building Portal Frame & Liner Cladding – Completed
  • DAF Baffle Walls – Ongoing • DAF Scraper Systems – Ongoing
  • Filter Penstocks & Air Headers – Ongoing
  • Fabricated Stairs and Walkways – Completed
  • Gantry Cranes and Lifting Equipment – Complete

The Kerry CRWSS project is happy to report that a total of 75,000 successful work hours have been completed on the project to date, and GA/MEIC continue to support an accident free environment by actively promoting a site Safety Initiative twinned with the company slogan of “Safety is my Culture”.



ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
ISO 5001