Operations & Maintenance

Glan Agua currently operates and maintains 38 water and wastewater facilities nationwide periods of up to 20 years. We are proud to be the producers of approximately 55 million litres of pristine drinking water every day throughout the country.

The Glan Agua Operation and Maintenance division (O & M) is Managed by Dr. John Fox. John has substantial experience in the Operations of an extensive range of process technologies and has carried out process optimisation measures on a large range of water and wastewater treatment plants. In addition to John’s extensive experience, he is backed up by a range of highly qualified and experienced personnel which carry out daily process optimisation measures as may be required.

The process optimisation team is employed throughout the O & M Plants on both water and wastewater treatment contracts. This involves the optimisation of multiple drinking water process types such as Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF), Membrane, Coagulation/Flocculation, Filtration and advanced disinfection systems to the most up to date design requirements/specifications which are currently being implemented by Irish Water.

Treatment Facilities

SCADA 24/7 Monitoring

The Glan Agua Operations division is centrally controlled from Head Office. The state of the art SCADA system ensures that all water treatment plants are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. In our operations control centre, personnel monitor all water treatment plants in terms of water usage, raw water quality and the overall water treatment plant treatment efficiencies.

The office personnel liaise closely with both the Process Optimisation Team, the individual operators and as required the Senior Personnel in Glan Agua so that all WTP are monitored and recorded in line with the latest available asset management procedures and protocols.


Glan Agua have a highly experienced team of Maintenance Technicians that ensure the plants are operated to the highest Quality, Safety and Environmental standards. The Operators have all successfully completed the Fetac Level 5, Water Treatment Plant Operations Course in conjunction with other various internal and external training. The training requirements are reviewed on an ongoing basis in combination with various Standard Operating Plant Procedures to ensure the effective operation of the Plants.

Glan Agua have utilised standardised equipment selections and detailed training plans as part of our supply chain management to ensure that all staff, including key maintenance resources are fully trained in the asset base utilised on our contracts.

Glan Agua also carry out extensive internal training and seminars in order to ensure that all staff are aware of the latest projects and technologies that are being implemented on the various new projects that are being undertaken by the company.

Glan Agua - Operations & Maintenance
Glan Agua - Operations & Maintenance
Glan Agua - Operations & Maintenance



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