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Steelwork fabrication

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Glan Agua Ltd. have the capability to design, manufacture, fabricate and install steelwork for the purpose of water and wastewater treatment applications.

Glan Agua Ltd. have installed steelwork fabrication in all of our projects where necessary. The steelwork items are listed below;

  • Hand rails; Dependant on the application and the design specifications railing can be manufactured in galvanised mild steel, aluminium, and stainless steel.
  • Access platforms, walkways, bridges and access ladders; Glan Agua Ltd. has years of experience in the provision of stainless steel platforms for safely accessing the process during operation & maintenance procedures. We also provide for walkways, kickboards, checker grate flooring etc. all can be made to order.
  • DAF/SAF Tanks; Glan Agua Ltd. can design provide the large stainless steel tanks necessary for the DAF and SAF processes. We have used our fabricated steel tanks on the Four Roscommon RWSS (DAF process), Cheekpoint WWTP, Letterfrack and Clonbur WWTPs (SAF systems).
  • Glan Agua Ltd. can also provide all accessories and fittings to suit and all steel products can be coated as necessary. 

Realtech distribution

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Founded in 2004, Real Tech’s primary goal is to improve global water quality through the development of an innovative product line of both portable and real time continuous water quality analysers. Glan Agua Ltd. are proud agents of Real Tech monitoring instrumentation in Ireland.

Glass lined steel tanks

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Glan Agua Ltd. have provided numerous glass lined steel tanks for use on water and wastewater infrastructures. Glass lined steel tanks are durable, inert, easily maintained, suitable for various uses as listed below;

  • Biogas Digesters
  • Aeration Tanks
  • Slurry Tanks
  • Bulk Material Silos
  • Potable Water Storage
  • Fire Storage
  • Sludge Storage
Aeration Tank No. 2 was constructed in Glass lined steel as part of the Merck Millipore WWTP Compliance and Capacity Upgrade project completed by Glan Agua Ltd. The high temperature fusing glass to steel at over 8500c results in the strength and usability of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of glass.

Clarifiers / Lamellae plates

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Final clarifier are utilised by Glan Agua Ltd. in both water and wastewater applications to allow any remaining biosolids to settle out of the wastewater at the end of the process. These solids are then removed from the hopper bottom of the clarifier and returned to the secondary treatment stage or onto the sludge treatment process in the case of Wastewater treatment processes and are drawn to the sludge thickening process for water applications.

Lamellae Plates;

A lamella clarifier or inclined-plate clarifier can be used in both water treatment systems and in wastewater treatment systems. The lamella clarifier consists of a series of inclined plates which allow a large area for settle ability; The inclined plates provide a large effective settling area for a small footprint. They are often employed in primary water treatment in place of conventional settling tanks, Glan Agua Ltd. have only recently installed numerous lamella clarifiers on the Roscommon GWS Bundle. Solid particles begin to settle on the plates and begin to accumulate in collection hoppers at the bottom of the clarifier unit.

WWTP SAF technology

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Biological Reactor for wastewater treatment based on Submerged Aeration Filtration (SAF), Glan Agua Ltd. have installed 3 no. SAF WWTP to date ranging in load from 500-800PE. There are many advantages to the SAF system including the following;

  • The SAF system has a small footprint so is very environmentally efficient.
  • Can reach and maintain high effluent standards; tolerate variations of inlet flows of biological and solids loadings
  • Easily operated with low monitoring time necessary
  • Minimal process monitoring is required releasing valuable operator time with little moving parts requiring maintenance
The Submerged Aeration Filtration System comprises the following treatment units:

Primary Settlement/ Balancing Tank - where larger solids settle into the bottom of the primary tank and are removed periodically as sludge.

Secondary Treatment - Eco-SAF Module - the essential biological stage where bacterial microorganisms are cultivated and activity consumes the suspended organic material found in the decanted liquid from the primary process. The bottom of this module is furnished with the Fine- bubble Aeration System distributing oxygen required by heterotrophic bacteria to grow. Oxygen level is controlled by Dissolved Oxygen probe installed inside of the tank and the speed and frequency of Air blowers. Air is provided from an aeration grid on the base of the filter. 

Final Settlement Lamella Clarifier.

Picket Fence Thickener

Glan Agua Ltd. has designed and installed numerous picket fence thickener systems for wastewater treatment applications. The glass lined steel tank or concrete tank are fitted with a picket fence-like mechanism which slowly rotates, ‘mixing’ the sludge and releasing entrapped gases and breaking down large areas of solids. The more sludge which enters the system the heavier the sludge blanket gets thus squeezing lighter sludge to the top of the tank which is then drawn off as supernatant to the secondary treatment process. The heavy sludge to drawn from the bottom of the tank to further sludge treatment.

Glan Agua Ltd. has installed and are currently operating and maintaining a picket fence thickener in Cavan WWTP and Cheekpoint WWTP.

Aeration systems

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Glan Agua Ltd. have designed, installed, commissioned and operated and maintained numerous aeration systems for wastewater applications.

Fine bubble Aeration systems; Fine bubble aeration systems involved a grid of disc like membranes which allow fine bubble of air to filter from the bottom of the tank to the top. Allowing maximum aeration for the biological process.

Agitator Aeration Systems; Involves the addition of air to the secondary biological process via mixers agitating the wastewater.

Independent sampling and testing

Glan Agua Ltd. has designated team of environmental scientists who independently sample and test water and wastewater treatment works thoughout the country. Glan Agua Ltd. have a designated water & wastewater laboratory. Glan Agua Ltd. currently run numerous long term DBO contracts and carry out all process and operational sampling and testing ourselves using external independent labs to verify results.



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