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Glan Agua Ltd are capable of delivering a wide range of sludge treatment and management services including assessment and analysis of sludge production and treatment requirements, design and construction of sludge management equipment including dewatering units, centrifuges and innovated sludge drying reed beds. 

Mobile Centrifuge: 

Glan Agua Ltd has a mobile dewatering unit in operation.  The unit is fully operational as a standalone unit.  The centrifuge is installed in a purpose built 24ft container with associated control panel, polymer-make up unit and lifting davit to allow for easy set-up and maintenance requirements. 

The centrifuge is a UCD 345 from GEA Westfalia and is a continuously operating horizontal solid wall centrifuge for dewatering requirements for industrial and municipal water/waste water sludge. The frame is open design with gravity discharge of the clarified phase.

The following are the component parts:

  • Generator 33 KVA (provides power to the centrifuge, poly make-up unit and all associated pumps).
  • Control Panel
  • Polymer plant
  • Centrifuge (Westfalia UCD 345 Unit)
  • Lifting Davitts & associated Pulley Blocks
  • Product feed pump
  • Product supply lines
  • Water supply lines
  • The mobile unit is mounted in a 24ft container which is secured on a Scania P 280 rigid truck, the truck is fitted with four hydraulic jacks which allow the truck to be levelled on all sites and also ensures that the centrifuge is 100% level during operation

The unit can be operated on all sites due to the ability of the hydraulic jacks to lift the truck and unit off the ground completely to ensure the unit is levelled correctly prior to operation. Once the unit is level, the operator can then begin the process to setting up the necessary pipework in order to deliver the water and product to the centrifuge.

Water can be supplied to the unit by means of a fire hydrant, on sites where this would prove difficult the unit comes with a 1000 litre IBC, with a purpose built in pump to supply sufficient water to the unit and also at the correct pressure for the polymer-make up and also for the wash down requirements, post processing.

All of the supply lines are stored in the purpose built boxes which are attached onto the chassis of the truck, this ensures that all required pipework is available to the operator at all times, the unit is manufactured to  attach onto a 4” bauer connection, however all other bauer connection sizes can also be catered for and all sizes are placed in the storage boxes at all times.

Dewatering ability

The unit has being trialled on a variety of different sludge types with various chemical properties. To date the unit has successfully operated on sludges with high aluminium content and also on a variety of wastewater sludge types.

With regard to the performance of the unit on WTP sludges with a high Aluminium content the unit has successfully operated at between 9m3/hr up to 18 m3/hr, and has achieved a dry solid content increase from the product 1-2% Dry Solids (DS), up to 20.1 – 22.4% DS.

The DS content increase results in a significant cost saving and it is envisaged that 50m3 of sludge will result in 3/4 Tonnes of Cake.

For further enquiries, please contact Dr. John Fox on 09096 30301



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